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The Dynamic Academy


Live At 08:00 PM - UK Time


Designed to give you and your business a clear Roadmap to accelerate your results and income..

Open yourself to success in life and business. Discover the only effective way to eliminate limiting beliefs, fears, and subconscious blockages, and start creating your reality and your business consciously!

Join hundreds of participants in the challenge who have built a clear vision for themselves, their team, and their families.

What worked last year, won’t work this year, which is why most feel stationary, stuck at a crossroads, or maybe you feel like you’re going in reverse from your goal.. However, you can decide now to commit to winning,
To Succeed, and Make This Your Opportunity To Thrive In All Areas of Life.

Day 1

Goals and Vision

learn how to set meaningful professional goals that benefit your business, and your life, promoting personal fulfilment and healthy work life integration.
Goal-setting is an art, it is not just about matching or surpassing last year’s financial performance. It’s about creating a vision that aligns with your company’s values and goals, creating a well-rounded and thriving Workplace.

Day 2

Explore the science

Explore the science of success and fulfilment to eradicate procrastination, doubt, and worry by reprogramming your thought patterns. You operate on autopilot 96-98% of the time. The real question: Is that helping or hindering your business?

Day 3


Learn how to make the internal shift that allows you to lead yourself and others towards a clearly defined VISION that inspires growth, and confidence and DRIVES creative energy to accelerate your results. To be a good leader you must first be a good follower.

Day 4

Fear and decision

Learn how to overcome fear and make life-changing decisions like a pro. Discover the path to success in your field by understanding which choices lead to gains. Step confidently out of your comfort zone with self-belief, mastering the art of decision-making for a successful journey ahead.

Day 5


Discover the Science of Getting Rich as we delve into the topic of money. Uncover the principles that lead to financial success and prosperity. Learn how to attract wealth and create abundance in simple, actionable steps. Transform your relationship with money and pave the way for a prosperous future.

Exclusively Designed For anyone who feels lost in their life or career.

Feels dissatisfied in any area of your life, feels that they are stuck in the same place, feels unmotivated, has no or little clarity with what they want in life.

About The Event

If you are trying to get ahead by ‘doing more’ but not seeing a change in your results, this event will show you how to navigate these changing times and excel as a business owner, a sales professional, and a self-leader. It’s time to stop feeling lost, ask for guidance and find an easier way.

Over five sessions, Sofi Prestin and Gagan Singh will be teaching without the BS and fluff to bring you the good stuff that gets results!! Industry-leading awareness that we know will help not just your business to survive but allow you to THRIVE and lead your industry!

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Gagan Singh, is a renowned Hypnotherapist and Peak-performance mindset specialist. Gagan’s experience working alongside the legendary master teacher Bob Proctor for years has taken her from working as a Primary School Teacher, struggling with finances and suffering with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to now living a life of financial and time freedom doing what she loves and loving what she does. These difficult events made her realise that everything in life is possible, and the only obstacle is the one we create ourselves.


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