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Gagan will help you get more from your life, connect to your higher-self, get rid of limiting beliefs and achieve a state of mental calmness and desired results. She will impart her invaluable knowledge and experience to empower you on your journey towards your goals.


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If you are looking forward to a powerful life-changing session regarding the corporate work culture and how to succeed in it, here is the place. The sessions will benefit you in striking a balance between your subconscious mind and heart to achieve immense growth in your career. The sessions have been designed keeping in mind the needs of people interested in opting for Corporate training , Leadership training, organizational behavior training, work life balance training, stress management, stress counseling, self-hypnosis, a normal counselor, confidence boosting techniques, spouse relationship, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, personality development and behavioral counseling

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About RTT®

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a remarkable therapy that includes hypnosis, NLP, and psychotherapy. In comparison to the mainstream methods or therapies, this method’s results are rapid and permanent. Changes are visible from within the first one to three sessions. A person as a whole undergoes various problems in his day-to-day life like addiction, pain, anger issues, low self-confidence, difficult challenges, and various unplanned circumstances where he fails to find a balance between heart and mind. There will be various counseling sessions, raising questions and identifying the problem, and meditation sessions to achieve a subconscious state of mind which will give you a whole new perspective towards life.

We provide expert career counseling coaching, train on career development prospects, help you in behavior analysis, case management and in curriculum development as well.


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Its time to transform your DREAMS into REALITY and your GOALS into ACHIEVEMENT


There will be times in life when you will feel low and would require motivation to stay positive. Motivation is about lending emotional support that will be the driving force to take goal-directed actions. A word of motivation can help a person shatter the barriers and escape the blockages that he/she faces. They gain a completely new perspective towards a task or life. Obsessive compulsive disorder counselling services and mindfulness meditation classes are provided by our expert Gagan Singh.

Personality Development

Shaping up your personality is your responsibility. Personality is a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Your personality is one of the major aspects that will decide your future lifestyle and career prospects.  A strong personality is sacrosanct to ameliorate living standards. We will help you to reach your true potential with a work life balance training and strengthen your personality to outperform every task through our confidence boosting techniques, social counselling services and special personality development classes.

Know your purpose and stick to it

It is essential that we know our purpose in life. You must be aware of where to invest your energy, what to think and what to avoid. Your purpose in life should be crystal clear to reach your destination. We are here to help you leave behind the inhibitions that are holding you back and focus on your life purpose. This will give a feeling of content and satisfaction to sticking with your purpose. Gagan provides excellent leadership training as well as an expert mentor. She has worked for years in the field leadership training, organizational behavior training, work life balance training, stress management, stress counseling, self-hypnosis, confidence boosting techniques, spouse relationship, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, personality development and behavior counseling.

Corporate Coaching

Whether a small startup or any large multinational company, both require proper corporate coaching for running successfully. Also, a normal training program is not sufficient enough to succeed in any big corporate agency. We have a few fruitful and result-oriented sessions that will help you sail through the difficulties of the corporate culture. This will help to achieve your desired goal with absolute precision.

And you can easily transform yourself into an international motivational speaker through our corporate training, leadership training, and organizational behavior training programs


Performance pressure is everywhere whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or working class. So in order to enhance your performance and reduce stress you need to work up to your full potential. The session by Therapist Gagan will give a great boost to your performance with optimum results and develop a clear mindset for success. Our expert RTT provider will be your trusted guide on this transformative path. Receive tailored guidance and support as you embark on your journey to personal growth.


The problem is that we are the slaves of our subconscious thought process. The thoughts can be negative or positive depending on your current life situation. Our thinking patterns directly impact the state of our mental well-being. All you need to know is that we are always available for your help. We will fix the issues with our simplified learning sessions and work on building a steady mindset for the future. Rewrite the narrative of your life through personalized RTT sessions. Clinch to your true potential and manifest the success you deserve.

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I not only help people at conscious, to gain success, but also eliminate the root cause of their limiting blocks.


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