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Meet RTT® therapist & success coach.

Meet RTT® therapist & success coach.

About Gagan Singh

Gagan is a Certified Thinking into Results facilitator and a Certified Hypnotherapist and Licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist. She has been trained by the world renowned celebrity Marisa Peer and legendary Bob Proctor, expert in human potential and Law of Attraction.

She juggles between her roles as a Manifestation coach, therapist, wife, and mother of two and has experienced burnouts, challenging relationships, stress, and personal trauma manifesting as Fibromyalgia (chronic body pain and fatigue).  These life experiences have helped her to evolve, become more compassionate and understand people and their problems.

She has not only learned about the mind and its incredible powers but also used the same to heal herself from chronic Fibromyalgia and other ailments. Today she uses the same method to help her clients heal from any physical or emotional issues and create a life of abundance in every area of their lives. According to Gagan,The keys to the Kingdom, lie within your subconscious and all transformations begin in the mind first.” She strongly believes that we can create anything we truly desire by using the infinite power that lies within us all.

With her determination, unwavering faith and powers of manifestation, she has helped her clients attract more love, money, success and inner peace into their lives. Gagan helps others tap into their true potential and to become the best version of themselves and experience life beyond their wildest dreams and create quantum growth.


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Your Personality Reflects Your True Self And Impacts Your Future Prospects

We aim to provide the best therapy to our clients so that they do not end up in a tussle of a lifetime struggling to live a life they always desired to. I completely understand the need for self-improvement and a positive mindset in one’s life for personal development and career growth. Our mission is to give the best solutions by aligning the subconscious mind in a way that you have an apt lookout towards your personal development and achieving career goals.

You can get personalized training in various fields as program development, leadership development, talent management, change management, behavior analysis, case management and curriculum development.

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