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27th Nov To 1st Dec 2023

Open yourself to success in business. Discover the only effective way to eliminate limiting beliefs, fears, and subconscious blockages, and start creating your reality and your business consciously!

Join the hundreds of participants in the challenge who have gotten rid of their blocks and achieved fulfillment in life!

November 27 – December 1, 2023, LIVE at 12:00 PM PST/ 8 PM GMT (Recordings will be available if you can’t attend live!)



New Results

  • You will discover the only reason why 97% of business owners fail to achieve their goals, causing their businesses to halt or close.
  • You will learn why your business results remain unaffected by your knowledge or education.

Unlock Your Mind

  • We will analyze the four mental blocks that are holding back your business
  • We will identify the root cause of these blockages and learn an effective process for changing them.

Efficient Operation

  • You will learn how your mind works and how it automatically controls your results in life!
  • We will analyze the most common mistakes made by those who try to reprogram their minds themselves.

Simple Tools

  • You will learn the MOST EFFECTIVE process for reprogramming your subconscious, leading to lasting change and the desired results in life!
  • I’ll provide you with a complete and clear technique that has helped hundreds of people around the world achieve their “impossible” business goals.

Your Success

  • You’ll understand why improving your mindset should be your top priority when you’re serious about creating a work-life balance.
  • You will gain access to the same methods I’ve used to transform the lives of hundreds of people who have worked with me.

Development In A Nutshell

  • You will consolidate all your knowledge in the field of personal development to create a clear and transparent action plan.
  • You will uncover why 97% of people don’t take the actions they know they should in business! Raising prices? Hiring employees? Reaching out to potential customers? Discover the source!

FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR BLOCKS AND ACHIEVE A SENSE OF FULFILLMENT – FASTER AND EASIER THAN EVER! (Your Results have nothing to do with your knowledge or education!)

Hey, it’s Sofi  And Gagan!

Nice to meet you!

 For years we have been supporting individuals to reach personal and professional success.

Our mission is to expand your consciousness and teach you how to transform your dreams and aspirations into tangible reality using the infallible and immutable laws of the universe.

“Tell me what you want, and I’ll show you how to get it.”

Success is no secret. Success is based on clear rules that can be implemented step by step. Just like thousands of people around the world have done.



A few years ago, I was forced to use the power of our minds to cure myself of endometriosis and completely change the path of my professional life. These difficult events made me realize that everything in life is possible, and the only obstacle is the one we create ourselves.



After 20 years working with startups and large enterprises in Silicon Valley, holding positions ranging from developer to executive, I decided to pursue my dream. I wanted to understand myself, the purpose of life, and put an end to the feelings of frustration and constant stress.

If you are a woman who wants more out of life than before, but doesn’t know how to reach for it, this challenge is for you!


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